AMB Global shares their TOP 7 favourite MediaCore features and benefits

For more than a year, AMB Global have been using MediaCore SBC to manage their successful VoIP business. Today, AMB Sales Director speaks about the top 7 MediaCore features, tools and benefits that help them automate and optimize daily operations and overall workflow.

  1. Active calls tool is very comfortable to work with and it contains all the necessary parts we need.
  2. Call path incoming/outgoing and Call trace come very handy in displaying the routing and the probable issues there in a very brief and efficient way.
  3. Company section, as well as other client tools, are very easy to work with. Also, there is an option to create several trunks for an account in a quick and proper way.
  4. Origination Point is also prefect. It gives us several choices to set such as blocking source, DST, IP, etc.
  5. Termination Point is also designed in an organized way. It has several options to set and all of them come very useful.
  6. Billing module is perfect! It has complete settings, particularly the 2 different custom templates which were added by our request.
  7. We should also appreciate the Online Support team who are very responsive. Also, the Help section comes quite handy as it gives us very useful information about everything we need.

AMB Global Communication LLC is an international voice provider with licenses and interconnects throughout the worldwide. Building on its global presence and expertise with VoIP, AMB carries its own retail traffic as well as offering A-Z routes to worldwide. AMB Telecom also offers SMS service to over 20 countries which is growing day by day.


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