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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has penetrated every industry, from food, retail, and transport to government, healthcare and education.

Do you want to take advantage of prediction models and new business-upgrading functions? Our artificial intelligence development department can help you!  We provide custom solutions that meet individual client needs. We will analyze, consult, and develop enterprise-grade AI systems that enable companies to work with bigger volumes of data and make smarter decisions.

We cover the following areas:

Predictive modelling

Our machine learning solutions will upgrade your data-collection arsenal and open new paths to favourable positions in the e-commerce sector.  Machine learning algorithms will enable you to gain insights from previously unexplored data, make accurate predictions about outcomes and activate the full potential of all existing company resources.

Predictive analysis can deliver value with:

• Customer churn forecast to plan retention strategies
• Customer segmentation and individual approach to each segment
• Personalized offers and mass mails
• Lead analysis to increase sales conversion
• Sales forecasts to optimize stock refills
• Real-estate price fluctuations
• Detection of abnormal readouts
• Fraud detection
• Credit score analysis

Image and video analytics

Machine learning can greatly supplement photo and video analysis and processing. We offer full-cycle development to deliver high-accuracy algorithms for object detection, classification or segmentation. Our solutions fulfil individual client needs and can be applied in a wide variety of fields, including medicine, agriculture, retail, mobile technology, and more.

ML image and video processing solutions can deliver value with:

• Monitoring of road condition and detecting license plate numbers, faces, etc.
• ID documents recognition
• Satellite-image processing
• Item defects detection in the production line in manufacturing
• Analysis of CAT scan images in medicine
• Automatic processing of drone images
• Creation of innovative entertainment features in photo apps


Language Analytics

Our machine learning solutions can be used to identify and process patterns in language to deliver value for user experience, increase company productivity or supplement language-related studies. The cutting-edge technology can bring your brand new insights on customer behaviour and give you more control over creating the right environment for your business.

Language analytics can deliver value with:

• Natural language processing
• Voice recognition
• Ticket request automation and classification
• Collection of any-subject actionable insights
• Chatbot customer service

Artificial intelligence and machine learning services and solutions optimize business processes and save man-hours. You are only a click away from learning how our solutions can help you make smart decisions and react faster than your competitors!

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