New potential partnerships at Capacity London 2022

We are excited to attend Capacity Europe in London from 18 to 20 October 2022. And even more, to develop meaningful relationships. Thus, to form new partnerships in the coming year through the planned workshops and networking events.

At the 22nd edition of Capacity Europe, Telecom companies should consider how to optimize the value of all of their current assets. In order to fulfill demand, we must talk about the digital infrastructure and network architecture of the next generation that will be needed.

Take action

We believe that those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.

As a pioneer in telecommunications since 2004, we are once again ahead of the curve. Speedflow is giving a helping hand to other businesses in the Telecom industry. And that is even before it becomes a mainstream topic.

One of the major questions before our industry is “How is the Telecom industry going to navigate the macroeconomic challenges in an inflationary era?”.

There is no easy solution. But, as we have done every year since 2020, this month we launched the MediaCore Grant Program.

The goal of this Limited Subsidy is to give VoIP and SMS businesses a chance to reset their cost base. Most of all, to speed up their strategic initiatives.  And another key point is to help come out of this inflationary period even stronger.

Telecom businesses must discover an effective way to adapt

Carriers worldwide are already impacted by the current economical state. Above all, the wave of digital and technological development has an additional influence. That’s why Telecom businesses must discover an effective way to adapt to the current market situation.

The event in London is an excellent resource for learning about and discussing the most cutting-edge developments in the business.

Capacity Europe is the continent’s largest Telecoms networking conference and awards, held 18-20 October 2022 in London & online. The 22nd annual event brings together network operators, data centers, cloud providers, internet exchanges, content providers, and satellite communities. The purpose is to network, trade, and learn.

Meet with a representative from our company. Discover more about our high-quality Voice and SMS services, and go over potential business partnerships.

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