Limited Subsidy for VoIP and SMS Businesses

limited subsidy

The limited Subsidy for VoIP and SMS Businesses program encourages the entrepreneurship.

We recognize how difficult the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak has been for companies. Considering the challenges of unstable economy, global inflation, limited further expansion, and inability to grow traffic significantly.

If your company is involved in the Telecom industry, more specifically in VoIP or SMS, the MediaCore Grant Program can help you stabilize your business and minimize the financial risk.We have joined forces with investors and industry leaders to subsidize a number of companies in both VoIP and SMS segments, encourage their enterprise ventures and offer co-financing up to 40%.

The Grant Program is an opportunity in challenging times – providing the chance to become familiar with an industry-leading carrier-grade Softswitch while keeping the financial risk low.

For a limited time, applications for the MediaCore Grant program will be accepted here.


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