Empowered Carrier SMS Platform in the MediaCore SBC

Speedflow Summer VacationThe latest MediaCore SBC 4.6.1. release comes with many improved features to ensure not only the best VoIP wholesale experience, but also smooth and convenient SMS termination operations. How? A new user-friendly SMS Start Page with a set of graphs and charts has been implemented to provide users with the most essential information at first glance. It also helps them analyze their business in a quick and efficient way.

Let’s go though some of the most interesting elements in the new MediaCore SMS Start Page:

SMS Activity

Based on XDR, this convenient chart has been implemented to show users the total load of the softswitch (SMS/sec).

Top 10 Targets

You can now take advantage of the top targets list, built according to the number of SMS attempts and ASR. It shows you the name of region and its target price.

Top 10 Offers

This useful list, based again on the number of SMS attempts and ASR, presents you with the names of regions and their offer prices.

Top Countries by Margin

Users can benefit from this new report displaying the top 10 countries with the highest profitability. Quite handy, right?

Top Countries by SMS

Here you can easily see the top 10 countries that have the highest number of SMS.

Credit Limit Check

This list helps billing to work more efficiently with debtors. It shows companies with their credit limits accordingly.

But that’s not all! Speedflow has also implemented messages per second limits in the latest release for both customers and suppliers to help you control traffic more easily. Another feature that is worth mentioning is the Local HLR Lookup. The system identifies the home network of a mobile subscriber, checking if the number has been ported to a different operator.

If you want to learn more about MediaCore SMS platform, you are welcome to contact our team at info@speedflow.com.


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