Evolution and Growth – the Speedflow vision

Evolution and GrowthITW is over but you can still feel the after-effects in the Speedflow office –
high motivation, growth of new projects and tons of fun memories from the event.

One great reminder of the fantastic exhibition in Chicago was the interview that our CEO Vlad Ellis gave for Capacity TV. You are welcome to watch the video and learn more about the past, present and future of Speedflow through the eyes of the Man behind it (transcript included):

Interviewer: Hello and welcome to Capacity TV. I am delighted to be joined today by a good friend of Capacity, Vlad Ellis, CEO of Speedflow Communications. Hello Vlad!

Vlad: Hi!

I: So, Vlad, you’ve been coming to ITW for many, many years now, since actually the first one. What keeps you coming back?

V: Capacity for us, as a team, and ITW as a show is already like a family feeling. That’s one thing – for the emotional part. From business perspective ITW is a fantastic option for us to see where we are going. Are we doing right? Are we doing wrong? What other members of the community are doing? And this is the best option for us to feel it, to feel what is going on around.

I: And over the past year maybe you can tell us what have you been up to? How good a year has it been for Speedflow?

V: Last year has been an year for big growth for Speedflow. We’ve opened up an office in Bulgaria. This is our main operational office now. The office is filling, people are moving from our different offices in Ukraine, both Development and the Sales teams and we feel pretty excited about Bulgaria itself, how easy and comfortable it is to do business there and how easy it is to communicate with existing partners.

I: So I know Speedflow for you is pretty much ran like a family-ran company. You are here with the usual team. Perhaps you could tell us what you have in store for us?

V: Usual team AND we have a few new faces from the Bulgarian members and the bigger thing will be that we have a lottery, like a draw amongst our customers…

I: Can we win millions?

V: …Millions of minutes – yes!

We are not talking about money, we are talking about business and, obviously, like the last four years, we are making our party on Tuesday night and we welcome everyone to join us during the party. On the other hand, when you come to our booth you will see what we offer.

I: And how have you found the transition between what is your traditional business and this new business model?

V: We started this transition about 2.5 years back. We realized that we love Telecom, we grew up from Telecom and Telecom is in our heart….but environment is changing and you have to do something else to still bring more value to the public and to the community.

I: And, just finally Vlad, can you talk to me about your strategic business priorities in mind?

V: For us this year showed us that not only Telecom is the key for us. We’ve started a very interesting project amongst the public transport in Bulgaria and we are also doing another project which is, again, not related to telecoms. We’ll see that the future for the company is Diversification. Its not focusing on Telecom. We have our Development, our Sales Team, we have our Voice Team and these guys altogether are the fundamentals, the future of Speedflow.

I: Vlad, thank you very much for your time today, its been a pleasure interviewing you for Capacity TV.

V: Thank you and looking forward to seeing you next year here!

See you next year Chicago!


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