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SMS_Traffic_Business_Family_CommunicationSpeedflow is proud to have loyal customers who use our various products and services for a long time. We do value such partnerships and aim to have more long-term and loyal customers.

Today we are pleased to share an interview with Fahid Mustafa, Director of Family Communication Pte Ltd, who shared his MediaCore SMS platform testimonial.

Hello Fahid. Please describe in 2-3 sentences the challenges you faced before migrating to the MediaCore SMS platform.

We, Family Communication, have been working in the carrier traffic business since 2006. Recently we have started the SMS traffic business. It’s for about one year. When we have started the SMS business, the first name that came to our mind was the MediaCore messaging platform. We have been using their other Speedflow products and services for years, so we had no doubts.

How many solutions did you consider?

As I mentioned, we were partners before, so we took the MediaCore SMS platform without additional consideration. We are sure that Speedflow products for the telecommunications industry are reliable and innovative.

Please list three main MediaCore benefits or features that appeared to be the most useful for you.

Firstly, the integration and implementation process was fast and effortless. Secondly, the system itself is convenient and easy to understand. Also, Speedflow provides top-level technical support and a comfortable training method.

Please summarize in a few sentences the results you achieved with the help of the MediaCore SMS Platform.

We are growing too fast in the SMS traffic business. And the MediaCore messaging platform helps us to do it in a secure and way without any trouble.

Your message to all potential MediaCore customers.

We know Speedflow for years, and their innovative approach and an excellent reputation in this varied industry tell their success story.

We recommend the MediaCore and hope for a long term relationship with Speedflow!

Family Communication is a retail and wholesale VoIP Telecom/SMS Service Provider established in 2006. Being registered in Singapore, the company has collaborated with voice and SMS carriers across the globe. 



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