MediaCore Financial Relief – Now for Monthly Subscription Packages

MediaCore Monthly Subscription PlansToday’s VoIP market is challenging. An atmosphere of uncertainty affects customers’ sensitivity to price. We at Speedflow appreciate partnerships with our MediaCore clients and always strive to create a beneficial environment for all new partners. Recently we have announced our special financial relief purchase plans. Following all the positive feedback, we decided to prepare special MediaCore monthly subscription packages that cover rented and hosted licenses too. We have a lot of partners who prefer a monthly subscription. Therefore, we tailored this offer to meet the needs of such companies and help them to overcome ambiguity.

All new MediaCore customers, who want to pay month by month with no long-term commitment, are welcome to take advantage of this offer. Our special monthly subscription rate comprises the MediaCore SBC or SMS platform license, 24/7 technical support, installation, training, and release updates. For hosted options, dedicated server and bandwidth are also included with no hidden fees.

MediaCore financial relief program is not just an opportunity to implement a first-class software platform. Above all, new clients are privileged to enjoy MediaCore features in a cost-effective way, which is crucial these days.

MediaCore SBC provides high reliability, stability, and security allowing carriers to build a top-level voice and SMS infrastructure. It has everything on board, including switching, border control, routing, transcoding, billing, and anti-fraud functionality. As a result, the system doesn’t require any third-party solutions to maintain high volumes of VoIP and SMS traffic.

Please contact software@speedflow.com to arrange a demo and see how our top-notch class 4 solution can help your business grow!