How can our solutions help MVNOs?

Speedflow specilises in the provision of effective MNO and MVNO solutions. Our solutions give MVNOs a more direct access to mobile advertising and to a range of cost-efficient VoIP-based services that can help them improve their quality. This, in turn, helps MVNOs stand out from other market players, which boosts their revenue in return.

TDM routes

Solution for VoIP-based services

What perks will MVNOs have with implementation of our solutions?

With MediaCore SBC as an MVNO solution, operators can extend the scope of their service to global-scale voice and SMS transactions over IP. This means they will not only enjoy an increased customer base but will also cater to their existing customers with a cheaper yet higher-quality service.

The advanced routing mechanism regulates traffic by A/B numbers and reduces expenditure by choosing the cheapest routes. Our built-in Guardian system helps operators provide the highest quality of service and prevents FAS.

MediaCore SBC key points:

  • Smart Routing
  • Accurate Billing
  • Advanced Quality control
  • Cost-Effectiveness
mobile advertising solution

Solution for mobile advertising

What is different about our advertising solution and how can MVNOs benefit from it?

The AdCharge media platform addresses the growing mobile advertising market in a revolutionary way. By deploying AdCharge, MVNOs can show ads to their Android and iOS subscribers, which, in turn, earns them bonuses and revenue share from advertisers.

Our advertising platform is unique in the current market. It is an excellent way for MVNOs to attach additional value to their services.

Benefits of using AdCharge:

  • New Source of Revenue
  • Customer Loyalty Boost
  • Subscriber Base Increase
  • ARPU Growth