For VoIP Carriers

For VoIP Carriers

How we help VoIP Carriers?

Wholesale telecom carriers face many risks these days. Lower margins, the problem of VoIP fraud, pandemic restrictions and other factors bring new challenges to their business operations.

To provide a good service, Wholesale Carriers must exercise active control over their network traffic and keep track of the cost-effectiveness of their operations. And this is hard to do in the dynamic telecom reality today.

The nature of the challenges they face dictates a serious commitment to a ‘be like water’ approach, which can consume most of the carriers’ time and resources.

Our powerhouse VoIP and SMS solutions are designed to loosen the knot by releasing Wholesale Carriers’ funds and time, so they can be allocated to business growth instead. They improve the overall workflow, add new sources of revenue, automate business processes and provide irreplaceable analytical tools to further the scope of carriers of any size.

voip platform

Carrier-grade VoIP platform

How MediaCore SBC can boost the growth of telecom carriers?

Our unified platform MediaCore SBC is a full-fledged VoIP solution. The platform optimises, updates and secures carriers’ core infrastructure. It is designed to perform under extreme pressure such as in the cases of spikes of the high volume of wholesale VoIP traffic, including the CC traffic.

With our Class 4 VoIP platform, VoIP providers can automate most of their work processes and boost productivity several-times-fold.

We offer flexible licensing, that includes flexible monthly subscription packages as well as a lifetime license purchase. Carriers can choose the most convenient model for their business.

Advantages of MediaCore SBC:

  •  Carrier-Grade Switching
  •  Smart Billing
  •  Advanced Reports and Data Visualisation
  •  Revenue Assurance and Anti-Fraud Features
all-in-one solution

Wholesale messaging platform

How to benefit from our messaging platform?

Our MediaCore SMS hubbing platform can be implemented as a standalone messaging solution or as a part of the unified voice and SMS infrastructure. Wholesale messaging is a good business opportunity for telecom carriers to develop their business and add a new revenue source. 

For the MediaCore SMS platform, we offer the same licensing flexibility as for a MediaCore voice solution. A wide range of monthly rental and hosted licenses is available. Carriers can also buy a perpetual license and use it without additional expenses.  

The implementation process is quick and smooth. Service providers can get immediate results with our software solutions.

MediaCore SMS platform offers:

  • Up to 300 SMS/sec
  • Flexible SMS routing
  • Advanced SMS billing 
  • Reporting and data visualisation
rate-management erp

Rate management and automation

What does AccuCore bring to the table?

AccuCore is the best Rate Management System (RMS) for efficient and cost-effective VoIP business development. It is packed with advanced features that almost fully automate VoIP operations and provide unparalleled control over financial transactions.

It can automatically upload suppliers’ price lists, analyze them, add required margin and generate clients’ price lists, tracking all the rates changes in the system.

We recommend AccuCore integration with MediaCore SBC for best performance results.

AccuCore provides a completely new level of automation and delivers time-saving features. As a result, it helps to decrease routine work and gives more time for business development.

Key benefits of using AccuCore:

  •  Stellar Rate Management
  •  Automatic Price List Upload
  •  Efficient Dispute Management
  •  User-Friendly Extensive Reports