MediaCore Affirmed Its Reliability

Softswitch class 4 Mediacore Release 2.18

Holiday’s period is the real challenge for VoIP carriers and their softswitches. During the New Year and Christmas holidays people make lots of calls with their greetings and wishes.

However, our customers celebrated with no worry. We are justified in telling you that the MediaCore Softswitch showed 100% positive result during the holidays. The MediaCore users had thousands of active calls. Some of them had about 10 thousand active calls with almost 500 calls attempts per second. All the calls were correctly processed by the system.

So, the MediaCore Softswitch has successfully passed this stress test. It proved its stability again.

You are welcome to test it by yourself and make sure that the MediaCore is really a reliable solution for your business. We offer free trial period before buying the Softswitch. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the softswitch which will increase your business productivity.


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