MediaCore Handles High Peaks of CC traffic

Call Center traffic volumes have grown significantly in the last few years and the demand is expected to reach its peak in the near future. CC traffic is typically characterized by a high Calls Per Second rate and low Average Call Duration. It can be quite challenging for VoIP carriers to terminate the needed number of calls smoothly and successfully. To be able to handle and process high peaks of CC traffic, they need to have a reliable VoIP platform and high server capacity.

MediaCore SBC is an all-in-one VoIP software solution developed by Speedflow that helps operators eliminate such technical issues and handle high CPS and low ACD rates like never before. The enhanced routing mechanism of the system provides great capacity, helping to process many call attempts with low ACD successfully.

The high-availability architecture and its smart components make MediaCore a great choice for high peaks of CC traffic. The system allows operators to have the needed number of RTP servers for maximum effectiveness and stability at all times. A load balancer makes sure that the traffic between all RTP servers has been distributed evenly. MediaCore also supports virtualization that saves hardware expenses, providing the best price-quality ratio on the market.

Try the MediaCore SBC and build an up-to-date VoIP network to meet all requirements of the contemporary VoIP carrier business. Contact software@speedflow.com to get more information.