MediaCore is listed in the Ultimate Messaging Platforms Guide

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We are pleased to announce that the MediaCore SMS platform overview has been published in “The Ultimate Messaging Platforms Guide.” The whitepaper is released by They are a telco consulting agency focused on business messaging services.

Basically, the guide includes descriptions and advantages of the industry-leading wholesale and enterprise messaging platforms.

You are welcome to read the whitepaper and learn why the MediaCore SMS got a reputation as one of the best wholesale messaging platforms on the market. The chapter about the MediaCore starts with a brief presentation and basic facts about the platform. Additionally, readers may find a detailed description of our solution as well as MediaCore screenshots.

You can compare the MediaCore with other messaging platforms and see its competitive advantages. It can help you to choose your wholesale messaging platform.

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We also remind you that the new MediaCore release will be available later in 2020. If you buy MediaCore now, before the new version is live, you can take advantage of our special offer and get our SMS platform with a discount of 25%. When the new version is available, we will update your license free of charge!

If you want to try our MediaCore SMS platform or need more information, please contact us at


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