MediaCore New Release: Now with SIP Registration for Gateway Management

softswitch class 4 sip registration

We are pleased to introduce a new release of the carrier-grade MediaCore Solution. Version 4.5.3 brings new opportunities to make your telecom business more effective and up-to-date. Available from 1 October, the new release presents a range of brand new features and optimizations. A special accent should be made on SIP Registration option for Gateway Management. This allows the providing of high-quality call termination to your customers.

Other convenient MediaCore updates include:

  • Enhanced Carrier SMS Module
  • Optimized jurisdictional routing
  • Improved billing controls company balance taking into account Active calls
  • New reports (individual financial summary by country, loop detection report, etc.)
  • Updated responsive interface

The update is available free of charge for our MediaCore partners. To get more information about the MediaCore new release, please contact


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