MediaCore removes barriers to business development

Reliable infrastructure is the core of successful business operations. Nowadays the telecom industry is changing dynamically. Every day new challenges occur and it’s important to have an up-to-date network to be able to react to them. When software providers stop upgrading their platforms regularly or do not offer smooth integration with third-party subsidiary systems, infrastructure becomes vulnerable and sensitive to current market trends.

Another problem that may be caused by out-of-date platforms is low flexibility. It’s hard to manage such a business and even harder to change such a platform and migrate quickly and effectively to another software solution. That’s why companies continue using outdated systems and create barriers to their business development.

MediaCore is at your service to solve these issues by creating a flexible and high-performance core for your business. It is a session border controller, Softswitch, billing platform, anti-fraud system, SMS gateway and many more in one. As a unified platform MediaCore brings automation, speed, and versatility to telecom companies increasing employee productivity and providing more freedom to your business.

Speedflow offers easy migration programs, so data transfer won’t be a problem. All required information can be exported from any other Softswitch or SBC. With the assistance of our engineers, the whole procedure will be quick and smooth. After the migration companies can immediately run calls, see billing information and maintain traffic with their new MediaCore SBC. Contact us now to remove barriers and develop your business!