The MediaCore SBC Release 4.6.2 Launch

The MediaCore SBC Release 4.6.2 Launch by Speedflow CommunicationsNew year, new release! Speedflow is pleased to launch the latest version of the MediaCore SBC. Significant improvements were made in both voice and SMS routing engines. MediaCore reports are renovated completely. They make the platform even more convenient and provide better analyzing tools.

The brand new set of functionalities help users get essential information and statistics in just a few clicks.They range from SMS Price Analyzer and MPS Limit Column to an option allowing users to drop all active SMS sessions. DLR Time for both incoming and outgoing SMS was added too. In the daily traffic report, you can now automatically check your SMS traffic statistics too.

Another major update in the new MediaCore is that the Automatic Call Quality Testing Portal allows users to choose A-number for tests. Also, the billing features now include VAT change history and User Default Currency. This results in improved usability and a robust UX.

The Guardian, MediaCore’s intelligent anti-fraud mechanism, has been updated. Users are now able to activate or deactivate events by specifying a particular hour. Also, MediaCore 4.6.2 has extended a range of settings providing even better traffic quality and security than before.

To check the whole list of updates and to test the new version of MediaCore SBC, please contact our Software Team at


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