Take Advantage of the MediaCore Security Features

MediaCore Security Features

Nowadays, when the number of hack attacks tremendously increases and the devious methods of attackers become even more sophisticated, it’s vital to rely on your software solution. The MediaCore Class 4 Solution is an up-to-date VoIP wholesale platform with comprehensive security features.

Having implemented several additional security and monitoring features within our systems, we are capable to identify fraudulent access attempts.

Moreover, Speedflow Software Technical Support thoroughly monitors network 24/7 and indicates any suspicious changes and anomalies throughout the network. In case, if a server is being rebooted or does not reply, the MediaCore sends alerts to Speedflow Technical Support and they immediately inform a client.

The MediaCore functionality allows setting credit and line limits for clients. The amount of traffic volumes that go beyond the limits are rejected by the system. Even with default settings, our Technical Support catches any sudden high traffic rise and notifies the MediaCore client.

So, when it comes to choosing a softswitch solution, seriously consider security features. Ultimately, your choice can influence your welfare and reputation.


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