MediaCore SMS Platform Feedback from Talk2All

MediaCore testimonial by Talk2All

MediaCore testimonial by Talk2AllWe developed a great partnership with Talk2All! Today we would like to introduce you to their CEO, Chris Zheng, who has shared his MediaCore SMS platform feedback.

We were glad to discuss the results of the joint work by Talk2All and Speedflow. Here you can read how our MediaCore standalone SMS solution has improved their business:

“Before choosing the MediaCore SMS platform, we used various platforms by other vendors. Our first solution could not meet our billing and customer management needs. The second SMS softswitch was not secure enough.

“Our company has cooperated with Speedflow for more than 10 years in different areas. We have known that your company is doing SMS platforms. We started our research comparing prices and features of different solutions. After almost three months of consideration, we found that MediaCore was the only messaging platform that met our needs and had a reasonable price!

“As for the benefits and the most useful features, I would like to highlight that data operation is very convenient. Also, the billing system is handy and accurate. FInally, our profitability is clear at a glance.

“With the MediaCore SMS Platform we have increased our confidence in the SMS business development and can make this business better.

“We definitely recommend the MediaCore SMS platform to other SMS carriers!”

Talk2All is a global Internet communications company that was registered in Hong Kong in 2012. The company offers calling and messaging services to their customers worldwide as well as online real-time voice and video chat software.


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