MediaCore summer offer: get up to 4 months for free

MediaCore Summer OfferThe Speedflow team understands that the current situation requires smart solutions to support the whole telecommunications industry. While many companies try to cut their expenses, we do our best to offer hassle-free and cost-effective MediaCore implementation. That’s why we are happy to announce a hot summer offer.

During the hottest days of Summer, even the MediaCore prices are melting! Only by the end of August, all new MediaCore customers can get benefit from our special 3+1 and 8+4 bundles. Then you can continue your subscription on the same terms!

The offer is valid for all monthly rental and hosted packages. New clients can choose any rental or hosted license of our carrier-grade voice or SMS platform, prepay for three months and get one month free of charge. What’s more, they can prepay for eight months and get additional four months for free, using the MediaCore for a whole year without any extra charges. This option helps our customers to save 33% on the annual MediaCore subscription.

MediaCore monthly fee covers not only the software license but also the round-o-clock software technical support, installation, training, release updates. If you choose the hosted option, a dedicated server will also be included. No additional payments, no hidden fees, everything is included! Hurry up and sign up by the end of August!

MediaCore demonstrates an excellent track record of success! You are welcome to read the testimonials of our clients here. If you want to get more information about the hot summer offer, contact us at software@speedflow.com and try the MediaCore solution.