VoIP Technical Support: MediaCore Team is Proactive and Effective

technical support

technical supportCarriers must be able to navigate the VoIP landscape without fear of having their security breached. Hacker invasions can be very damaging as they can cause interruptions to the normal flow of business operations and hurt the reputation of the carrier. With hacker activity on the rise in recent years, and the fact that most security breaches happen during off-peak hours, having a capable technical support team on standby at all times is becoming a must.

Speedflow has a team of engineers who are available 24/7. They are proactive and effective in dealing with threats. Their vigilance guarantees the smooth running of all operations and provides carriers with protection from illicit company data extraction, IPMI breaches, DDOS attacks, and many other types of security threats.

Our engineers work on a rotational basis to ensure nonstop protection. They use advanced in-house analytic tools to monitor partners’ server dynamics, test security integrity, identify issues and take preventive action. The team’s proactive approach also extends to issuing regular reminders to partners to abide by common strong-password policies and use only secured channels for inter-company password exchange.

Speedflow is committed to making the VoIP landscape a safer environment. We aim to achieve this goal one partner at a time. Firstly, by providing technical support subscription plans that are competitive for the current market; And secondly, by offering a technical support service which has a wide range of after-sale benefits, including software installation, migration, basic customisation, training, technical assistance, troubleshooting, and regular software upgrades.

For maximum security with our solutions and technical support, we recommend that partners take advantage of our secure server hosting services.

Delegate your VoIP security tasks to our capable technical support team. Focus on growth instead!

For more information about our products and services, please write to info@speedflow.com and a member of our software sales team will respond shortly.


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