MediaCore Testimonial: Exponential Voice Traffic Increase 

Go Mobit; Exponential Voice Traffic Increase

Go Mobit; Exponential Voice Traffic IncreaseWe are happy when our software solutions help our customers grow their businesses and achieve their goals. Today we’ve got a chance to speak to Mr. Muhammad Behroaz Javed, Director Commercial at GO MOBIT. Below you can read his MediaCore feedback and see how our platform helped them to increase not only their voice traffic volume but also the quality of service.

Search and implementation 

It was the best decision we ever made!

“We have tried several softswitches and SBC but we didn’t see such a complete package and quality which MediaCore provided us. We used to have challenges with complex routing, slow reports and high processing time. The MediaCore solution has solved them all out for us. It was the best decision we ever made!”

“The MediaCore was introduced to us from one of the Speedflow voice managers. Then we met the Speedflow team at the Capacity conference and decided to take it for our company. We have tried three different platforms before opting to MediaCore.”

“Initially we tried the MediaCore as a hosted solution on a rental basis. Switching, Routing, Reporting, Rates and Invoicing, all the modules were so accurate and fast that in the second month we purchased a lifetime license. Speedflow is flexible in their license type and payment options and you feel like you will never be abandoned.”


“The most beneficial MediaCore features for Go Mobit are A-number routing and the Guardian system that offers monitoring and ticketing. Also, I would mark out its fast reports and quick provisioning.”

We have exponentially increased our voice traffic sales

“And we’ve got fantastic results. We have exponentially increased our voice traffic sales as soon as we jumped to MediaCore SBC. By providing the best quality of service to your voice traffic clients, you grasp more business from existing potential. This can only be possible when you have a good softswitch like the MediaCore SBC.”


“I suggest to migrate to MediaCore or at least take a demo. This is the product which you need to run your company! They have good developers, who make improvements in the MediaCore solution as per the latest needs. MediaCore support is excellent and so fast. They can also train your team as an expert of MediaCore and help you instantly when you need it. In short, this is a product which is worth running Telecom company.”

About Go Mobit

GO MOBIT is an international service provider established in Malaysia. Their focus is on the international wholesale voice and SMS business. They provide direct and wholesale SMS destinations as well as CLI and NCLI VoIP routes. GO MOBIT offers direct termination setups in Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Somalia, Cameroon, Madagascar etc.


Try the MediaCore SBC

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