MediaCore v4.9 is here 

MediaCore v4.9

MediaCore v4.9 is here and we would like to share with you our latest updates, designed with our customers’ needs in mind – convenience and flexibility at your fingertips.  

Let’s take a look at the new and improved problem-solving updates in MediaCore v4.9:  

Updates in MediaCore SBC Voice Softswitch   

  • Rate Limit (CPS) functionality is available to manage and control traffic flow efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing disruptions.   
  • The STIR/SHAKEN option is now available for each TP.  
    Say goodbye to some unwanted spam and potentially fraudulent calls and say hello to a bit more peace of mind.   


Updates in MediaCore SMS Softswitch 

  • New Outgoing SMS report available. Now, you can easily combine data by country and point, providing you with a complete overview of your  
  • The new SMS report will help you monitor communications. You don’t need to keep track of incoming and outgoing messages separately anymore. Easily merge your SMS data by ANI and country.   
  • ANI Allow in SMS Dialpeer: A Solution for Communication. Are you feeling frustrated with communication barriers and restrictions? We are pleased to announce ANI Allow in SMS Dialpeer, which will ease the way you connect with others.   


New level of efficiency with our new features:   

  • You can easily download a complete list of your generated invoices, helping you simplify your record-keeping process and keep your data organized.  
  • Improve your communication with our SMS coding option. Effortlessly incorporate coding into your SMS sends. 
  • The user interface experience has also been updated. Engage in an experience that offers easy navigation.  


If any partner wants to update their system to the new version MediaCore v4.9, they should contact the support team at or by Skype speedflow.sts 


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