Leading professionals from Speedflow at WWC in Madrid

Are you looking for opportunities to conduct business face-to-face with prominent figures in the Telecom industry? Come and join us at the WWC in Madrid, Spain from the 21st to the 22nd of September. Meet our team to discuss all things VoIP and SMS. Speedflow executives, Software Sales Director, Voice and SMS Managers, and department leads will attend this year’s Wholesale World Congress.

Wholesale World Congress – the gathering place for the global Wholesale Telecom Community

Representatives from Tier 1, 2, and 3 carriers, mobile operators, and Internet Service Providers. Including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers, and technology partners who serve the voice, SMS, data, and satellite. Joined by sub-sea, and fixed-line markets are all part of the Wholesale Telecom Industry. This makes WWC a truly all-encompassing event:

  • Approximately 400 companies
  • More than 1000 attendees
  • From well over 75 countries

We are prepared to meet the emerging needs of wholesale VoIP service providers of any scale. Thanks to our extensive experience in the telecommunications sector.

Including high-quality Bulk SMS, SMS termination, and other wholesale SMS services.

Our mission 

Starting with the development of targeted solutions with a clear purpose, and a defined value proposition.

We believe that telecom companies should think about how to maximize the value of their current assets altogether.

Alongside their competitive advantages. Like developing a platform-based solution in cutting-edge fields of technology, close to the main field of operation. Consequently having more room for growth.

How can the Class 4 Softswitch help telecom carriers grow?

Our unified platform MediaCore SBC is a full-fledged VoIP solution. Carrier core infrastructure can be optimized, updated, and protected by using our Softswitch. Moreover, using the automation features of our Class 4 solution, VoIP service providers can improve their efficiency.

Advantages of MediaCore SBC:

  •  Carrier-Grade Switching
  •  Smart Billing
  •  Advanced Reports and Data Visualisation
  •  Revenue Assurance and Anti-Fraud Features
How to benefit from a messaging platform?

Our MediaCore SMS hubbing platform can be implemented either as a stand-alone messaging solution or as a component of the unified voice and SMS infrastructure. With attention to the user’s requirements, of course.

In the long run, wholesale messaging definitely presents telecom operators with an excellent opportunity to grow their businesses. In addition- add new streams of revenue by taking advantage of this market niche.

  • Firstly – both of our solutions come with license options that are flexible. Scalable too.
  • Secondly – the phase of implementation is quick and straightforward. Service providers can see results right away.
Join us in Madrid for the WWC 2022 from the 21st to the 22nd of September.

Given these points, let’s talk about the future of the VoIP industry and all its possibilities. Furthermore, you can get access to specifics about our upcoming Softswitch release.

Discover altogether why so many VoIP and SMS providers count on MediaCore.

In conclusion, email us at info@speedflow.com to set up a meeting with our delegates.


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