Messaging Platforms and Tools – Insights from GCCM 2024 in London

In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, where messaging platforms play a pivotal role, the 16th GCCM event in London brought together industry experts to explore Collaborative Frontiers in Messaging Platforms and Tools. The panel discussion, moderated by Erik van Stokkom, Chief Moderator at M&A, featured insights from industry leaders including Vlad Ellis, CEO of Speedflow, 20 years a leading company in the telecommunications sector, Edwin van Ierland, iBASIS CEO, Danny Preiskel, Senior partner at Preiskel & Co, and Sam Barker, VP of Telecom’s market research at Juniper Research. 

Addressing Fraud Within Interconnected Contracts

One of the pressing questions raised during the panel discussion centered around addressing fraud within interconnected contracts. Vlad shed light on the ethical implications and financial impact of fraudulent activities, emphasizing the importance of provisions to prevent profiting from fraud. His perspective highlighted the need for a commitment to ethical business practices and transparency among industry partners. 

Another key topic discussed was the intricate chain of command in addressing fraud situations. He elaborated on the complexities involved in detecting and mitigating fraud, particularly in cases where payments have already been made to suppliers. He underscored the significance of contractual agreements to combat fraud and the need for timely detection measures to protect against financial losses. 

Implications of Traffic Generation on Messaging Platforms

 The discussion also delved into the broader implications of traffic generation and its impact on messaging platforms and operators. Vlad addressed the common perception that increased traffic is beneficial for all parties involved, challenging this notion by highlighting the risks of unsustainable business practices and unfair distribution of profits. He emphasized the importance of fostering a sustainable and fair ecosystem to ensure the long-term viability of the industry. 

Latest Developments in Messaging Platforms

Additionally, our CEO provided insights into the latest developments in messaging platforms, including the emergence of Rich Communication Services (RCS) and the need for unified communication solutions. He discussed the role of technology in streamlining messaging services and enhancing interoperability among platforms, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead of technological advancements to meet evolving consumer demands. 

 Vlad’s contributions to the panel discussion offered valuable perspectives on navigating fraud challenges and driving innovation in messaging platforms. His insights underscored the importance of collaboration, transparency, and technological advancement in shaping the future of the telecommunications industry. 

As the telecommunications landscape continues to evolve, events like the Capacity London conference serve as vital platforms for industry leaders to exchange ideas, address challenges, and drive innovation. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, the industry can overcome obstacles and chart a course towards a more efficient, secure, and interconnected future. 


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