How to Detect and Prevent VoIP Fraud?

How to prevent fraud in VoIP with The Guardian?

One of the most important aspects of telecom business success nowadays is network security. In the context of VoIP, fraud is defined as the unauthorized use of paid communication services by someone other than the intended recipient, whether that recipient is the service provider or the customer. It’s possible that this might cost your business a lot of money that you might not be able to recover. Therefore, a system that automatically identifies fraud schemes and saves losses is essential.

As a long-term solution to this problem, Speedflow equipped MediaCore with a built-in system called The Guardian to ensure revenue. Most importantly, The Guardian keeps track of and keeps an eye on the flow of traffic about carriers.

  • It can identify strange actions or destinations.
  • Tech support and vendors are notified.
  • If the problem is detected early enough, it can be fixed before substantial damage is caused.
The Guardian has the following components:
  • Tools for monitoring events and the outcomes of actions that have been implemented, which can be found in the Warnings Report menu of the TT Registry;
  • In the Event Editor menu, the Actions section has tools for automating actions that have to do with these events.
  • The Guardian is the module that performs automated traffic analysis.
The following options allow for the customization of this module in these ways:
  • Destination
  • Termination/Origination point
  • Attributes related to the quality (ACD, ASR, etc.)
  • The system does provide access to a variety of other values (e.g. number of calls).
The following options are available to you for decisive action:
  • The creation and delivery of a technical notification (Trouble Ticket)
  • Creating a warning report for the detected route (Warning)
  • The elimination of a troublesome location (Action)

Another key point is that, because time is of the essence, Guardian allows you to react immediately and to either block or manually inspect the destination.

The system has two kinds of changes—simple and advanced—so that users of all skill levels can use it.

Simple Guardian’s automatic options allow for quick set-up.

With the aid of our Guardian Wizard, users can both acquire the security they need and learn more about how the system works.

In an advanced configuration, user-defined criteria and events might prevent fraud.

Advanced options allow Guardian users to react to the most recent evolution of VoIP fraud, preventing carriers from becoming exposed to them.

With the Guardian Revenue Assurance Mechanism, you can safeguard your company’s revenue!

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