Mobile terminal for processing system Pay-n-Get

processing system Pay-n-Get

Processing system Pay-n-Get developers have offered an up-to-date and practical solution for program operation. From now on, all the transactions in Pay-n-Get system will be carried out via mobile phones. So far, the electronic payments have been made either by means of mPOS-terminal or a soft-terminal installed on to a computer.

The new terminal comprises of a program for mobile phones (which is uploaded via data-cable, Bluetooth, or by using a Wi-Fi/IrDA/GPRS connection). The program is rather simple and doesn’t require any considerable telephone resources. The minimal requirements are: the phone needs to support Java program with a MIDP 2.0 profile, which is common for most up-to-date mobile phones.
At present the terminal exists with various interfaces in two versions. The first version (simplified) operates on all phones makes and provides only text information. Its interface is similar to the mPOS-terminal. The operator has to enter a service code, pop-up a nominal and a subscriber’s telephone number manually into the appropriate line.

The second (full) version doesn’t require service codes input. The program has window interface and a practical menu (with two modifications). The list of available services (or services logos – in alternative menu modification) is displayed on the phone screen, which are all ‘active’ links. After choosing the required service the window with the available codes list and a space for phone number input is displayed. As a result of the request sent to the providers’ server, the message with a top-up PIN-code arrives or it confirms the successful transaction – in case of client’s account direct top-up.

The mobile phone with the screen not less than 128×128 pixels is required for fully-fledged soft-terminal version functioning. In order to get the possibility of graphic logos display it is preferable to have a color screen phone.

A soft-terminal for mobile phones was developed as a more economical alternative to the traditional POS-terminal containing all functions (except for check printing). It allows the selling of top-up codes and the refilling of clients’ accounts directly. It takes not more than 5 seconds to carry out a transaction, which shows its operational high speed. There is the possibility to check a transaction status. Soft-terminal allows one to create two types of process reports (at any time from the moment the session starts or a complete report when the session ends). Complete reports are stored in Pay-n-Get system data base.

The transaction is carried out via secured channel. There is a key file modified in soft-terminal on operator’s server in order to authorize the user. Moreover, a login and password is always required.

This novel software solution will definitely become another benefit of the Pay-n-Get system. Soft-terminal for mobile phone is advantageous not only for electronic payment operators but also for end users. Operators will be able to increase their sales and profits and their clients will get more efficient an easily available service.

About Pay-n-Get processing system

It was developed by Speedflow Communications and released into the market in 2006. The system is designed for companies providing pre-paid services (clients’ accounts top-up, VoIP services payment, internet, cable television, electronic payments, etc). Today Pay-n-Get processing system has been used by the major mobile and electronic payments operators in Ukraine: Allo, Eurotel, Avancel, PayPort.


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