‘New kids on the block’ at GITEX 2010

Gitex 2010: software for VoIP

The 30th anniversary GITEX technology week took place on October 17 – 21, 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Conferences, exhibition, trade show, all in one time and place, one of the most dynamic and influential Information and Communications Technology event on the Eastern market. International experts from all over the world have gathered together to expand their business across the Middle East, African, Indian and South Asian markets.

 Speedflow Communications definitely wasn’t missing the event. This was our first time exhibiting in the region but the presence of the traditional and reliable partners and new customers had created an absolutely friendly and efficient atmosphere.

“We had a really positive feeling at GITEX, as if we were “the new kids on the block”, says Vlad Ellis, Speedflow Communications CEO. “Our software solutions are highly demanded on the market. Having billing, routing, etc. in one hands is an essential issue for the most companies nowadays.”

Speedflow Communications’ booth has attracted many professionals during the show and more than a half of them have been looking for the software solutions. We came to the conclusion that our products are often considered as a replacement to change the current infrastructure to have an opportunity to grow.

You are invited to take a look at the photos from GITEX 2010 and the beauty of Dubai itself here.


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