MediaCore new release: version 4.8. is live!

MediaCore release 4.8.

Speedflow is pleased to announce a new release of the MediaCore SBC. We have finished all tests and amendments, and starting from today the version 4.8 is available. It contains updates of both Voice and SMS platforms.

Voice improvements

In the new release, MediaCore users will have optimized voice routing settings. They can specify not only the total limit for the origination point, but also add a limit for each destination within the OP. This option makes VoIP routing more flexible and simplifies the work of the system, reducing the number of dial peers. Additionally, we improved dial peer management, adding new filtering options. As a result, it saves the working time of the technical team making the whole system more usable and convenient.

SMS updates

There are various major updates in the SMS module. Firstly, the new release supports the store and forward option to increase the delivery rate when recipients are not available at the moment.

Secondly, in the new version, we have implemented content screening and modification options. They help providers to identify unwanted messages based on the keyword or keyword patterns. For example, there can be spam SMS. The system will deliver such messages with modified content.

Another SMS routing improvement is the support of the IP weight for the SMS termination point. 

Enjoy more power

We have also applied bug fixes and other minor optimizations. They made the MediaCore SBC new release (version 4.8) more powerful and productive than ever before. The new release gives users freedom and flexibility in managing their voice and messaging traffic.  

Our Software Technical Support team will contact each customer with active support status individually to schedule an update. 

If you are interested in testing the MediaCore SBC, please contact our software sales department at and ask for a demo or online presentation.


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