New version of Mobiglobe chip

voip operator conference

Speedflow Communications has launched a new version of Mobiglobe chip.

In comparison with the previous version Mobiglobe v.1.2 provides several new options:
–    5 sets of settings for different mobile networks with 40 Bypass prefixes for each;
–    two types of Callback procedures that help to meet your system requirements;
–    three modes with different speed of sending DTMF signals;
–    your company’s info in About submenu.

 Chip programming can be done via mobile phone and also by using software application via new USB card-reader/programmer.

Each chip is packed into plastic bag inserted into a carton holder.
The cost per chip depends on the order quantity.
With each 100 Mobiglobe chip we provide one card-reader and one puncher for free.


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