Processing system Pay-n-Get enhancement

Pay-n-Get processing system

At the end of March 2010 Pay-n-Get system developers announced the release of the new program version. So far, during three months five new customers have installed this system, whose core business activity is electronic top-up codes sale and direct refilling of mobile operators accounts.

We have already mentioned one of the system solutions – soft-terminal for mobile phone which has become available in the new version. Also you can find out about our customers’ success who use Pay-n-Get system.

We would like to share the advantages of the processing system new version, due to which it has become in the limelight among the operators of electronic payments around the world.

First of all, the new version of Pay-n-Get system operates with ОS Linux using database PostgreSQL 8.3 (in the near future we are planning to use PostgreSQL 8.4 version). Due to migration to the new database and original software architecture the system efficiency has increased significantly. The changes were done in the data storage concept. The general data storage was divided into several sub-storages in order to speed up requests processing.

At present transaction processing takes about 100-200 milliseconds. The process of report generating has been intensified. At the same time the developers have broadened the existing set of reports, their information value and the possibility of setting additional parameters.

In particular, the system contains the reports on the summarized statistics of all sales point. The detailed history of all the transactions with terminals, dealers’ assets statistics (the history of purchase rates change, the information about financial parameters  of  dealer’s account on the chosen date, report on cash flow for a definite period for every dealer). There are the reports on the sales of various points during the chosen time period available in the soft-terminals for PC and mobile phones.

The system interface has been also updated – which has become more convenient and informative. The new interface is designed basing on ICEfaces technology. The developers made the most out of this technology for enhancing interface usability and interactivity. For instance, the feature of the whole hierarchical scheme of sub-dealers has been designed in treelike structure.

The process of uploading top-up codes into Pay-n-Get system has been simplified. Uploading module interface is now set according to Wizard principle. It comprises several pages open in turn after choosing appropriate response on the proposed questions.

Our next step is – connecting new terminal type with advanced features to Pay-n-Get system. New mPOS-terminals will operate with different types of magnetic cards; will have more convenient and bigger display, and up-to-date ergonomic design. These terminals allow customizing the servicing process: entering, displaying and printing the operators’ logos on the receipts. Speedflow programmers are about to finish the development of the interface and data communications protocol of the terminal with Pay-n-Get server. The new terminals testing will be done in July 2010.

About Pay-n-Get processing system

It was developed by Speedflow Communications and released into the market in 2006. The system is designed for companies providing pre-paid services (clients’ accounts top-up, VoIP services payment, internet, cable television, electronic payments, etc). Today Pay-n-Get processing system has been used by the major mobile and electronic payments operators in Ukraine: Allo, Eurotel, Avancel, PayPort.


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