Softswitch Mediacore: recent licensing conditions

Softswitch Mediacore buy/rent

Speedflow Communications announces its latest licensing conditions for VoIP companies which are interested in softswitch rent or purchase to boost their business development.

What is the point of this novelty?

Usually a client chooses the required softswitch configuration according to his needs. One of the main parameters is the number of concurrent calls proceeded.

Moreover, it used to be considered that the statement ’concurrent calls’ includes both authorized and unauthorized calls. Judging from the statistics some operators’ ratio of completed calls and the total amount of attempts can be 1:6. Therefore, in case of former licensing conditions the major part of the resources would be used for processing ’empty’ calls.

At present, offering softswitch licensing with calls restrictions the licensor takes into account only connected calls. And the total amount of attempts is not restricted. As a result, even if calls’ quantity will exceed significantly the quantity of successful connections they will be processed by the softswitch and their data will be stored. Softswitch Mediacore efficiency allows to process up to 1,000,000 calls (BHCA) per media server.

The web-interface supports new function ‘Connection attempts diagram’ which displays the statistics of all connection attempts which were sent to media-server. Due to this novel feature the customer can track all the information about the calls and take measures efficiently, if necessary.


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