Softswitch mobile app – Is it a helpful VAS?

softswitch mobile app

Does your softswitch have an integrated mobile app? How can it help you? Do you really need a mobile app to use your class 4 softswitch? At first glance, a softswitch is a B2B software solution, which requires stability and productivity. The mobile app is not a critical component of the platform.

That’s true, but B2B mobile application is a useful VAS that facilitates the daily work of the account managers. Although it’s not a part of the core functionality, class 4 softswitch with a mobile app can improve your user experience and speed up your traffic exchange business.

Speedflow developed a MediaCore mobile app to help users with their daily tasks and increase customer retention. Let’s review see which benefits you can get with a softswitch mobile app, using the MediaCore application as an example.


First of all, the MediaCore mobile app is a user-friendly tool. It is intuitive and you don’t need to spend any time learning it. If you use the MediaCore SBC on a daily basis, you will enjoy our stunning application. Download the MediaCore app at the Google Play or App Store and get an unprecedented level of usability. Make sure that our app will help you to keep a hand on your voice and messaging traffic flow with no effort.


Secondly, the MediaCore app grants its users more freedom. People use their smartphones everywhere. Are you out of the office? You can have a holiday at the seaside or in the mountains. No problem, you can still keep an eye on your traffic! Having a softswitch mobile app, users can easily access their accounts. Being a MediaCore user, you don’t need to use a computer or laptop to log in and view statistics. Just check key reports anytime from everywhere!

Reaction time

Finally, with the softswitch mobile app, you can take a prompt action. Wherever you are, you can immediately notice when your client removes traffic from your company or some destination is not working. You will see all the relevant statistics in our real-time reports. When you see anything wrong, you can straightway inform your NOC about the case. Or you can contact your business partner to solve the issue. The mobile app dramatically cuts the reaction time. And in this case, time is literally money!

Try the softswitch with a mobile app!

Speedflow released the MediaCore app to help you to reach all these benefits. Additionally, we took into account all security measures. We understand how important is to protect your sensitive information and guarantee the safe and reliable work of the app. For better protection, users can’t make any changes in the system using their softswitch mobile app. The current release works in the view-only mode. In order to modify any settings, users still need to login into the web version of their MediaCore SBC.

We invite you to try our carrier-grade softswitch that offers a convenient mobile application to improve your user experience! MediaCore SBC has a proven track record of optimizing voice and SMS businesses and optimizing their business processes. Contact Speedflow software sales team to get complete information and try our top-rated telecom platform.


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