Speedflow telecom division at CEE CEE in Croatia 2022

Speedflow telecom division is going to attend this year’s CEE CEE conference. It will take place in Opitaja, Croatia from 23rd to 25th of March 2022.

As always, we expect to see a lot of familiar faces. We hope to strengthen our mutual and beneficial partnership. However, we are more than ready to meet new people. In order to form new connections.

What will Speedflow telecom division showcase at the CEE CEE?

We offer interconnection for the A-Z VoIP termination of the international voice traffic to reliable tier-1 service providers. We provide A-Z termination. Our services deliver reliable and trusted service, without compromising on quality. Overall, VoIP service providers can get benefit from high-quality service. Excellent 24/7 NOC support.

Equally important, we have direct routes to almost every key spot in the world. Also, we constantly strive to expand our network of interconnections. We regularly cooperate with direct suppliers from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific region. Need a specific route? Challenge us!

How MediaCore can boost the growth of telecom carriers?

Our unified platform MediaCore SBC is a full-fledged VoIP solution. The platform optimizes, updates, and secures carriers’ core infrastructure. Nevertheless, our VoIP solution is designed to perform under extreme pressure. Such as in the cases of spikes of the high volume of wholesale VoIP traffic. Especially including the CC traffic.
With our Class 4 VoIP platform, for instance, VoIP providers can automate most of their work processes and boost productivity several-times-fold.

What is CEE CEE?

CEE CEE is one of the leading conferences in South-Eastern Europe. It is related to telecommunications, information security, and digital transformation. The world changes rapidly, whether or not we notice. And all three major areas, covered at CEE CEE, are strongly connected in many ways. Certainly, the conference is going to address the main issues and challenges of today’s businesses.

This year’s CEE CEE is the 10th central and eastern Europe carriers and enterprises event and it will take place in OPATIJA, CROATIA, from 23rd to 25th March 2022.
At the present time, this year the conference in Opatija is expecting 250-300 attendees from the world of telecommunications, IT, system integration, information security, and closely related fields. Various companies will represent a dozen of countries.

The various management levels presented at the conference will include many leading people. From sales and technical departments to senior management.
Well-established companies will be represented, balanced against alternative telecom and mobile operators. As well as system integrators and companies offering special solutions related to this area

of industry.

Do you want to meet with us?

Book a meeting at CEE CEE in Croatia 2022 with Speedflow attendee Sasha Galetic sasha.galetic@speedflow.com
We are looking forward to meet you in Opatija!


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