Speedflow Half-Year Review – Software Sales

Software Sales video interviewAs soon as June passes, many companies are making a recap of their first 6 months – what has changed, how much they’ve grown, did they manage to push through innovations and so on. This year Speedflow decided to make you all a part of our recap with a series of video interviews with key members from our staff. Let’s start with the professionals that make our product line so stellar and refined – the Software Sales Team. You can find a transcription of the interview below the video!

Interviewer : Hi guys, you are the face of the Speedflow Sales Team and you work with a lot of people – do you feel that their arguments and feedbacks help in the product development and upgrades?

Radostina: Definitely I can say that customer feedback is very important and it is the main basis for improvement of our software.

Denis: As Radostina pinpointed, our customers feedback is one of the biggest assets for the company.

I : Radost and Denis, you offer a variety of solutions, but the most popular one are undoubtedly the MediaCore SBC and the latest Speedflow release – MediaCore Lite. Can you tell us more about their development?

R: In our intent to create a better customer experience we’ve recently focused on 3 main aspects. The New Features and their release are planned by the end of the summer. Second, we have tried to optimize the hardware requirements for our software to save important expenses for customers on servers and maintenance and finally we keep very agile acquiring options so that anyone, depending on their size and willingness to invest, can rent, buy or host our solutions.

D: In addition, quite recently, we released a new version of MediaCore – MediaCore Lite is a cost-efficient solution with a main purpose to support our customers with excellent features, simplicity and focused approach without any big investments and still they receive an excellent quality of customer care and dedicated support.

I : Thank you both

I : You are the Head of the Software Sales Team Tell us more about this dynamic part of the Speedflow range of services?

Ako: Thanks for your question. Well, we started to promote the software as is, initially, by launching the MediaCore SBC and later, the MediaCore Lite version, as well as the PBX solution. Recently we have started to promote the software as a service (SaaS) itself, as well as added more value-added services upon it.

I : How do you feel the market is going right now and what is the audience you are most interested in?

A: As was mentioned, more and more individual releases were added on board. So, apart from the software as we’ve been promoting it, we have started to provide services based on this software. But, you see, every day and every single minute, we are facing up to customization requests by our customers. And of course – we do value our partners’ database, we do value our partners and THAT is why we are trying to meet all their needs. Even if they are…very extraordinary. Included as part of it, we are starting to strive towards automation of our products, all the VoIP processes in the system. For this we are developing extra tools, extra options in the system and THAT is going to be offered for all our customers. Because nowadays, more and more for customers, the margin is becoming less and the volumes of traffic are growing day by day. So to cope with them, and cope with the business itself, we need to make all these routine tasks automatic.

I : How important are client feedbacks for you in terms of helping future product development and updates?

A: Well, the company motto, or ONE of our company’s mottoes, is “Customer Feedback based the company”. Therefore we do listen to each and every request, individual request, specific request by our customers. And, of course, trying to meet all their business needs.

I : Thank You!

A: You are welcome, thank you too!


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