Speedflow makes a stop in Romania for Capacity Balkans

Capacity BalkansCapacity conferences are a regular staple in our schedule. So there was no way Speedflow would miss Capacity Balkans that takes place 5-6 April 2016 in Bucharest, Romania, a place so beautiful and hospitable. Moved to a new venue, the conference becomes larger and we are pleased to promote our products and services among over 260 delegates from more than 100 companies.

During the event Speedflow Team will be showcasing our telecom services like A-Z Wholesale, VoIP Retail, CLI Routes and more. The growing demand for SMS services will also be satisfied and you will learn why our SMS services are chosen by so many other telecom providers.

We will love to get in touch with you so look out for our delegate Sasha Galetic or arrange a meeting at sasha.galetic@speedflow.com


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