Speedflow offers Remote Office solutions for Enterprises

remote officeThe current COVID-19 pandemic has forced countries in Europe and elsewhere to employ drastic temporary measures to bring things back to normal. For many enterprises, developments over the past few weeks have placed a huge importance on making arrangements for employees to work from home. The challenge with such solution is often related to maintaining the same level of efficiency as with physical office work.

At Speedflow, we offer a wide range of Remote Office solutions that can help company teams stay connected and collaborate with the same high level of efficiency over the internet.

We offer:

  • Creation of remote environment
  • Remote PC administration
  • Network administration
  • Desktop migration to remote servers
  • Daily maintenance
  • Online consultation and support

In addition to the main cogs of a remote infrastructure, we provide tailored features according to specific company needs—for example, work-time tracking.

We understand that the unfolding events over the past few weeks have caused a lot of fear and uncertainty, which, along with measures taken by official administrations to restrict further COVID-19 outbreak, have obstructed the normal flow of business operations.

We would like to minimize any negative effects for enterprises and help them maintain a continuous high-level of services without risking the health of their staff. Quality Remote Office solutions can not only be the best way to proceed under the current circumstances but also a good way to add more flexibility and employee satisfaction to the fold.

To learn more about our Remote Office services, contact us at info@speedflow.com