Speedflow Proudly Presents the MediaCore V.4

MediaCore V.4

The Speedflow team is pleased to announce that a completely new version of the MediaCore Class 4 Solution is ready for launch.

The MediaCore Release 4, available from May 20, 2014, introduces brand new features to the core, web interface and Guardian Mechanism.

One of the most groundbreaking new features is the SMS module. For the first time, wholesale SMS support via SMPP protocol is available in the MediaCore Solution.

Another important upgrade is the latest version of the Guardian Revenue Assurance mechanism. Both Simple and Advanced Guardian modes are available for the MediaCore customer. An automatic FAS detection mechanism has also been added, based upon ASR&ACD analysis and time-out between call setup and connect.

The MediaCore V.4 has a wide range of web interface and reports modifications that enables the highest level of usability. Amongst various other updates, new call charts and various diagrams have been added to the MediaCore as well as the inclusion of an Arabic web-interface.

These features will provide new business opportunities for our partners, simplify their operations and make them more competitive within the dynamic telecom services market.

For more information about the newest version of the MediaCore Class 4 Solution please contact info@speedflow.com


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