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VoIP solutions for business

Last updated: September 20, 2022

Having more than simply a full-featured SBC with extensive routing capabilities is essential for telecom operators. Businesses require a range of tools for analysis and optimization to remain competitive. In order to keep up with the ever-changing industry, providers need to handle enormous volumes of data. VoIP solutions for business should be with regularly updated infrastructure, with attention to the telecommunications industry always changing. Especially, to keep businesses flexible and able to respond to changes in the market.

Speedflow offers VoIP solutions for businesses by providing not just a product but also a broad spectrum of post-sale services. All clients who subscribe to our technical assistance receive frequent release updates at no additional cost. If you have a license or are using the hosted solution, it makes no difference. With us, there are no surprises when it comes to getting the latest and most advanced version.

Software solutions for VoIP and SMS

Speedflow creates software that streamlines the user’s experience and provides all relevant reports with only a few mouse clicks, according to the business.

Every day, our team adds new features to the MediaCore SBC to help VoIP and SMS service providers run more smoothly. In addition, our platform is educational for managers, executives, and technicians.

At the Class 4 level, MediaCore provides a completely integrated solution for managing your Telecom Wholesale Network. Furthermore, it allows VoIP providers to run their businesses more efficiently and increase the quality of their services. Management and technical staff alike will have no trouble getting to grips with the MediaCore platform. As a direct result of this, the installation procedure is simple and rapid.

According to the client’s feedback, the MediaCore can save up to 60% of the time normally spent working.

In conclusion, MediaCore is designed to handle Voice and SMS traffic. It offers a wide range of VoIP routing options, strong invoicing and reporting tools, unmatched security, adaptability, and reliability – the best in the business. The Softswitch makes sure that the system’s usability, scalability, and availability of high-quality telecommunications services.

Contact us at info@speedflow.com to learn more about our platform or to request a demo.


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