Speedflow solutions – always a step ahead

Speedflow solutions Nowadays, it’s crucial for telecom operators to have more than just a comprehensive SBC with a wide range of routing features. To stay competitive they also need a variety of tools to analyze and optimize their business operations. Providers must process huge amounts of data in order to be well prepared and react quickly to the ever-changing market. The telecom industry is so dynamic that infrastructure needs constantly to be updated to make companies more flexible and resilient to market challenges.

Speedflow business solutions provide this opportunity offering not just a product but a full range of after-sales services. We deliver regular release updates to all customers who have subscribed to our technical support without any additional charges. It doesn’t matter if you have bought your license or are using the hosted solution. We guarantee that you will get the most updated version without unexpected payments!

Speedflow software solutions

Speedflow develops software solutions that optimize the user experience and display all necessary reports in just a few clicks. Our team permanently updates the  MediaCore SBC to provide VoIP and SMS carriers with more detailed information making their operations as efficient as possible. Moreover, we develop our platform to be informative for all staff, including managers, executives, and technicians.

At the same time, we offer AccuCore ERP and rate management platform for deeper analysis and automation of financial and accounting operations. This solution decreases staff workload optimizing business processes such as payments, electronic invoicing, bank and cash reports. It generates balances in different formats, presents expenses and income analysis, does CDR comparison, and much more.

For online advertisers, Speedflow offers its media buying platform – AdCharge. Our advertising platform is unique and provides endless possibilities. It is an excellent way for mobile app owners and MVNOs to enable an innovative mobile monetization channel. As a result, they can add value to their services and increase their revenue.

If you need a reliable and up-to-date platform for your telecom business with guaranteed quality of support and transparency of terms, contact Speedflow today at info@speedflow.com and try our solutions!