Speedflow team at the 5th annual CIS 2022 GCCM in Almaty

CIS 2022 GCCM Almaty

We are excited to attend the 5th annual CIS 2022 GCCM in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It will take place on the 5th and 6th of September at Royal Tulip Almaty.


About the event

Carrier Community (CC), a worldwide telecom club founded in 2008, will host the 5th annual CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) 2022 GCCM– Almaty on September 5 and 6 at the Royal Tulip Almaty.

During the CIS GCCM 2022, more than 400 Club Members from Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 decision-makers from more than 40 countries will convene in Almaty to conduct business and network annually.

The main topic

At the 2022 CIS event in Almaty, the topic in the Executive round-table panel discussion session will be “Telecom Wholesale Industry in the Digital Transformation Era”. As a matter of fact, the top priorities at Speedflow have always been to find ways to connect with more people around the world and to offer better services for exchanging VoIP and SMS traffic.

With this in mind being a part of the telecom wholesale industry during this period of digital transformation is extremely rewarding for all of us at Speedflow. Digitization is making the telecom industry more complex.  Only the media business expects moderate or significant digital upheaval in the next 12 months. (According to a 2015 cross-industry poll of senior industry professionals). As core voice and messaging companies shrink, competitive limitations are shifting due to regulatory pressures. Furthermore, social media developing new communication channels. The process of digitization gives telecom companies a chance to rebuild their market positions, rethink their business systems, and come up with new ways to help their clients.

Our input

In the VoIP industry, if a business does not embrace change, it perishes very quickly from the market. It is our belief that telecom companies should maximize their existing assets and competitive advantages. In fact, at Speedflow we will provide you with high-quality telecom services that best fit your business needs:

  • A-Z Termination, 
  • VoIP Wholesale, 
  • VoIP Retail, 
  • CLI Routes, 
  • TDM Routes,
  • Call Center Traffic, 
  • SMS services,

Given these points, discuss with our representatives everything that interests you in the VoIP industry. Or how we can help you achieve the highest peaks in your field.

Book a meeting, by sending a message to:

→ Max Goshtynar, Head of our Voice sales department lookas@speedflow.com

→ Nina Yasinskaya, sales manager nina@speedflow.com

or info@speedflow.com


See you in a week in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 



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