Stefania Viscusi from TMCnet speaks with Vlad Ellis from Speedflow Communications

Vlad Ellis from Speedflow Communications

SV: Can you talk a little about the ways Speedflow’s products can be used to help businesses optimize the time they can spend working on core business needs?

VE: The main idea behind our products is that “each and everything that can be described, can be automated.” We carefully study daily routines from a broad range of our customers and partners and convert them into “Best Practice Business Processes” reflected in our software features. This helps to eliminate routine from the work-flow.

 Also, reports, traffic analysis, price list updates, and customer notifications – you name it, you get it – every basic process runs online and is intuitively simple with our offering. This saves approximately 3 to 4.5 hours a day depending on the size and type of company.

Such an approach leads us and our customers to realize two basic benefits: You have extra time which you can spend either communicating with your customers building stronger relations meaning – more sales, or spend this time to yourself or your family, revitalizing your mind and soul and creating the ability to sell more.

SV: What are some of the other key benefits Speedflow’s VoIP software can provide for businesses in today’s highly competitive marketplace?

VE: I believe that a business idea alone is not enough to run a successful business. You also need to perform consistently and make no mistakes. With our VoIP software products, we are able to complement strong businesses and even help get startups growing.

SV: How important is it to offer services and solutions that optimize the use of business users’ time?

VE: We believe that offering time-saving solutions is not just important, but crucial. Each sale is a project for us and we aim to help increase the efficiency of a customer’s infrastructure and help them to get a better response rate.

SV: What types of additional services does Speedflow offer to help businesses achieve their goals?

VE: Speedflow offers an impressive range of services starting with basic rental offers going through the migration processes and reaching business process optimization – and, “everything in-between.”

SV: How can limited features and functionality restrict companies from gaining total value out of their VoIP solution?

VE: Solution providers must always oversee market demands so there is never a time when a service required by the customer cannot be delivered. This is not a routine. This is the art of a real entrepreneur.

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