Success Story: MediaCore SMS Platform and Voicelynx


Today we would like to introduce you to Moe Diab, COO of Voicelynx, who shares his impression about our standalone SMS platform – MediaCore SMS.

“Ever since we started using the MediaCore SMS Platform to manage our SMS carrier business processes we haven’t encountered any technical problems at all. The system is functional and we must confess that we got the hang out of it rather quickly. Our team members are now masters of the platform. They are very well acquainted with all its functionalities and use it with ease.

It’s simple, reliable and brings you to the production level immediately. It doesn’t t force you to learn some philosophies about the system usage like other SMS platforms on the market do.

“MediaCore SMS solution facilitates and helps us optimize business development processes on a daily basis. If you are looking for a platform that is easy to use, with nice reporting tools and active support at all times – MediaCore is the right choice for your SMS business.”

Voicelynx Inc. is a telecommunications services provider, based in the United States. Founded in 2003, the company specializes in the Wholesale voice and SMS carrier business and offers specific Retail services and solutions to clients from all over the world.


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