Success story – Rosa GlobalTel and AccuCore

Back in 2016 we introduced you to a company that just became a partner of Speedflow after ITW 2016 – Rosa Globaltel. Now they are a loyal user of the Speedflow software solutions – both the ERP AccuCore system and the MediaCore SBC. Robert Ciuca, CEO of Rosa GlobalTel, kindly shared his experience with AccuCore and the ways this ERP software has helped them optimize their business operations.

– You are one of our most loyal partners and apart from our MediaCore SBC you are also a proud user of our AccuCore ERP software. How do you find your AccuCore experience so far?

– It took us some time to get acquainted with all the functions AccuCore offered us, but once we got there it was working like a charm. It’s exciting as I’m still discovering new and interesting features every day.

– Speaking of features, are there any you find particularly helpful?

– There are so many of them! Our Billing Team, for example, gets immense help from the automated invoice creation and sending, as well as the checks for incoming invoices. But that is just scratching the surface – the CDR comparison, automated rate checks, various price lists and partner balances – it is just overwhelming how many different things are included in AccuCore!

– How would you say AccuCore helped your business?

– There were many benefits for us, but I think the biggest one was the time we managed to save with the automated rate management.

– Thanks a lot, Robert, and best of luck!


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