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How to prevent fraud in VoIP with The Guardian? One of the most important aspects of telecom business success nowadays is network security. In the context of VoIP, fraud is defined as the unauthorized use of paid communication services by someone other than the intended recipient, whether that recipient is the service provider or the customer. It's possible that this might cost your business a lot of money that you might not be able to recover. Therefore, a system that automatically identifies fraud schemes and saves losses is essential.  

The VoIP Software Community, sponsored by Speedflow Communications, has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet global online community program.

‘Speedflow Communications is pleased to join forces with TMC, the leader of communications and technology media,’ commented Speedflow Director Vlad Ellis. ‘Taking advantage of TMCnet’s credibility and expertise in driving traffic will reinforce our branding and distinguish Speedflow as a VoIP market leader.’