Updated MediaCore Provides New Opportunities for VoIP Carriers

class 5 softswitch

Speedflow is delighted to introduce the MediaCore version 4.5.1, the most powerful Release yet.

It delivers a wide range of superior features and optimizations. It is designed to make VoIP wholesale providers more productive, dynamic and efficient.

The updated carrier-grade MediaCore Solution offers:

  • Jurisdictional Routing, LNP/MNP Dipping
  • Guardian Wizard
  • VAT accounting
  • Automated Call Quality Testing Portal
  • Payment Calendar – accounting tool to monitor clients’ debt
  • Swap Deals
  • Loop Detection Mechanism
  • IP authorization for SMS module
  • TR/RX and TRX modes for SMS sending
  • SMS reports and diagrams
  • Other minor updates and optimizations

The new Release is available from June 10. As usual, the upgrade is free for all current customers. The update can be scheduled for any convenient time.

You can receive more details about the new features by contacting Speedflow’s Software Sales Department.


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