AccuCore: Effective Price Lists Management for Your Performance

AccuCore - Price Lists ManagementPrice list is an important part of VoIP providers’ daily routine. Business efficiency largely depends on the availability of suppliers and destinations in a price list. It’s crucial to update price list regularly, accurately and quickly. A well-written price list is the key to the company’s growth. Automation of this business process will put your company on a new footing.

Speedflow has developed AccuCore to optimize the activity of telecom companies. Our Team constantly upgrades the system, making it more productive and user-friendly. AccuCore can automatically process and upload price lists of suppliers, including:

  • Price lists acceptance directly from mailbox
  • Support for xls, csv, zip and rar formats
  • System of warnings and error notifications

To make things easier for our customers, AccuCore automatically analyzes price-lists, searches for the best price, checks rates’ increase/decrease, dates, codes and makes more than 20 other automated verifications. It allows to make individual settings for each supplier.

As a result, the optimised VoIP price lists system makes AccuCore a powerful and time-saving platform for VoIP companies. The usage of intelligent algorithms of verifications and notifications will help engineers to avoid common errors and disputes.

Learn more about AccuCore today to upgrade your business tomorrow.



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