What are the Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing for Your Business?

SMS in bulk

Many of you wonder what the advantages from sending SMS in bulk are. Today we’re going to explore this subject in depth.

Bulk SMS is the simplest way to communicate with your consumers and maintain their attention by providing them with relevant information, product-related news, and overall product-value information.

In any event, you can reach a lot of different customers this way. Not to mention that with bulk messaging, you can send SMS messages to almost any mobile phone in the world. Altogether the power of this service comes from the fact that you can quickly and easily send and receive SMS messages from anywhere in the world. Evidently, businesses can connect with customers all over the world or in specific markets by using this service.

Examples of bulk SMS:

  • Advertising
  • Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Password confirmation
  • Product information
  • News
  • SMS newsletters
  • Entertainment (competitions)
  • A lot of different types of SMS messages

Recent research shows that approximately 91% of adults keep their devices close. Moreover, four out of five smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes after waking up, according to other studies. Furthermore, around 78% say it’s their first-morning task to check the notification on their phone. Given these points, it’s safe to say that this sort of mobile communication gives clients/consumers convenient access since mobile phones are the most popular technology today.

Who is using Bulk SMS software

This sort of messaging is known to be used by:

  • Large consumer websites
  • Banks
  • Consumer brands
  • Big airlines
  • Travel agencies
  • Retailers, etc.

In what ways does your company benefits

Adding value to the interactions you have with customers and clients is an essential component of running a successful business. Ultimately It is possible to do so with the assistance of mass SMS messages.

It is crucial to send out reminders since clients in the modern world are continuously on the move and expect rapid and correct information from the businesses and services they utilize. Hence, by sending timely reminders, you may improve the way your clients think of your business. In other words, it is possible to increase sales by directly promoting new products and services through the use of SMS. This also helps to enhance the buy rate. This approach can be taken to increase sales. Consumers should always be kept in the loop. The point often overlooked is that this will help your most loyal customers feel cared for and appreciated.

In essence, the size of a company’s operation does not in any way affect how the bulk SMS service can be utilized by the business.

Overall you’ll notice several instant benefits, including:

  • Turning customer recognition into loyalty
  • Low costs of doing business
  • An additional source of revenue
  • Measurable ROI

Usually, low operational costs are one of the most important things to talk about here. Bulk SMS messages are a lot cheaper to send than voice calls, for example. Not to mention that it works much better than email, which has average open rates of around 20%.  Under those circumstances, automated high-volume text messaging lets a sender transmit a single message to a huge number of receivers, wherever they are.

This way of communicating is much less expensive and gives a better return on investment. Consequently, It is also much more convenient. An automated action in which you send your marketing message to everyone in just a second. You don’t waste too much time money or resources, and you get great results.

In the long run, Sending your SMS in bulk is a fantastic lead generation and prospecting tool. In effect, it helps companies to connect with and keep in touch with customers who have expressed interest in their goods or services. But the process is far from over even if consumers chose to get notifications.

The fact that more than 90 percent of text messages are viewed within a couple of minutes of delivery is one of the most compelling evidence that contributes to the success of this mode of communication. There is no other way of communication that can boost such a high percentage of successful interactions.

To accomplish this, a dependable and scalable platform is required

The award-winning MediaCore SMS platform has a comprehensive set of sophisticated features that ensure superior A-Z SMS termination and quality, hence enhancing your enterprise messaging business.

The MediaCore SMS gateway is capable of handling large amounts of messaging traffic.

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