Did you hear about the MediaCores Friend Referral program? A simple way to get cash back for being a friend!

MediaCores Friend Referral program

Working in a rapidly expanding industry comes with challenges and opportunities.

Our partners chose to work with us because we are a well-known company with a lot of experience, a good name, and scale.

Our success is thanks to our committed partners, and we want to take a moment to give something back. So today, we are excited to share the news about our referral program!

Tell your friends all about MediaCore and get rewarded for it.

This Friend Referral program is our way of saying thank you to all of our wonderful business partners! By recommending MediaCore to your friends, all of you can earn bonuses in your accounts.

In return for referring MediaCore to your friends, you will all receive benefits in your account.

If you’re keen on sharing the scope and potential of our Class 4 Softswitch, which can effortlessly automate business operations, reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, and help companies maximize their VoIP and SMS wholesale processes, we will reward you for it.

Our Friend Referral program is a great way to give your friends a helping hand while keeping your own expenses down.

The best part is that we will pay for one of your monthly fees in full for every year that your friend stays a MediaCore Partner.

The referral program is only active for 2 months, so don’t miss out!

How it works

Contact our team at info@speedflow.com to get a unique code. Share that code with a friend.

For each of your friends that become our New partner and stay as such for more than 3 months, you get a reward depending on your MC license. Read more here.

We like hearing about your positive experiences with our Softswitch. Because of this, we have come to the conclusion that we should provide something in return to anybody who has told a friend about their great experiences with MediaCore.

Please contact info@speedflow.com by July 31st, 2022 to receive your referral code and to start sharing.

The more you share, the more you save!


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