Elmview: MediaCore SBC is extremely fast with traffic reports


We are always happy when we receive feedback from partners about our products and services. They are the reflection of the hard work Speedflow puts into making a difference on the telecom market. Constantly looking for ways to improve, we highly value our clients’ opinion and use it to both ours and their advantage.

Today, we have invited Marco Del Peschio, NOC Engineer at Elmview Finance Ltd., to share his experience of using one of our telecom solutions – the MediaCore SBC.

“I have been using MediaCore on a daily basis for more than a year and a half now. I am on the platform almost all day long for reports, statistics and configurations.

“We rely on the functions of the ‘Client’ and ‘Reports’ panels a lot to insert new OPs and TPs and of course to generate financial reports. And when it comes to making CDR for disputes and statistics, our team also uses the convenient ‘CDR Generation’.

“My overall impression of MediaCore is that the system works seamlessly. It is very easy to use, quite simple and intuitive. It’s so fast for traffic reports! If I was to mention few MediaCore features that I can not imagine working without, these would definitely be all the functions in ‘Client’ and ‘Traffic tools’.

“As for the Speedflow Support and Technical team, they are always ready and fast to answer any of my questions and helpful to solve any of the problems we might have.”

ELMVIEW FINANCE LTD is a telecommunication enterprise based in Malta. It has a decennial experience in the Telecom industry and proven strong business relationships with major international telecom carriers and operators.


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