Speedflow Half-Year Review – SMS Services

Video Interview - SMS services Welcome back friends, with our series of interviews that will present you a review of the Speedflow services and achievements in the first six months of 2016!

We already got a sneak peak behind the curtains of the Software Sales Team and now its time for some exciting news from the Head of our SMS Team. Watch the interview with our very own Dimitar Gatev and see how your SMS business can also benefit with Speedflow!

Interviewer: Here we are with the man behind the success of the SMS Team, Dimitar Gatev. Dimitar, would you share with us what are the advantages of Bulk SMS?

Dimitar: Absolutely! SMS is actually the future of marketing and communications in general, between retailers, as well as any other types and sizes of businesses, and their audiences. Its 2016 and usage of mobile devices is at its peak. Researches further have shown that the checkability, so to speak, of messages has a rate of 98%. In other words in almost 100% of the cases people are eager to, and actually do check their messages, within the first 3 minutes of receiving them, if not instantly. So its a no-brainer that all of the above, in combination with its cost-effectiveness, makes SMS the best way to communicate with your audience and get your message across.

I: Can you tell us more about the different types of services you provide in this part of the Speedflow business?

D: Sure, SMS is one of the newest branches of Speedflow. At the same time we’ve been gaining more and more momentum lately. We work globally in Wholesale Premium and Direct routing, offering a complete turnkey solution as well. From our own superb Switching, Routing, Billing platform, to quality routes at very competitive prices, all of it garnished with outstanding service – this is actually what makes Speedflow a perfect answer to your bulk messaging needs.

I: What will you tell to all your current and future partners and clients?

D: Dear future Partners and Clients out there! Do not hesitate and waste time any longer – simply get in touch with us so we can get things moving and start generating goods!


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