Impact of Global Inflation on VoIP and SMS Businesses 

Global inflation rates are at historically high levels. After a sustained period of stability, inflation in the Euro area (Eurozone) and the United States reached levels not seen in decades. In September 2022 the percentages were 10.1% and 8.2%, respectively. How can VoIP and SMS providers rise to the challenge of global inflation?

Everyone today is worried about the challenges of an unstable economy. Firstly, there aren’t enough supplies. Secondly, prices are going up. Thirdly,  the supply chain is getting in the way. Finally, there is the pressure of making ends meet. Inflation has, understandably, come to the top of the list of concerns for Telecom executives, as costs have risen at the quickest rate in decades.

What do the numbers say

The chart below compares the inflation rates in the Euro area and the United States for 2022 so far:

global inflation rates

Over 90% of small business owners have coped with escalating costs of supplies and services since the beginning of the worldwide epidemic, according to a survey. Wise leaders can think of methods to grow and scale their companies. Correspondingly they can explore new ways to reduce operational costs.  All in all, depending on the size of their company, the industry, and how dependent they may be on funding costs.
Your VoIP business needs to stay competitive and profitable. We recognize that this isn’t easy to do. In the end, you’re trying to keep both your employees and your customers happy by balancing how inflation affects your business and the business of your customers.

Prepare to tame inflation

Take an unbiased, big-picture look at your VoIP business and think about how the rise in inflation is affecting it. Investing in a technology that makes work easier and costs less is a good way to protect yourself.

It’s better to find a co-financing agreement or solution that fits the needs of your business and reduces your own financial risk.

Subsidy for VoIP and SMS Businesses

In order to:

  • support a number of businesses in the VoIP and SMS sectors,
  • stimulate their entrepreneurship endeavors,
  • and provide co-financing of up to 40%,

we have teamed up with investors and industry leaders to launch The limited Subsidy for VoIP and SMS Businesses.

The MediaCore Grant Program is a source of comfort in these troubled times.  Above all, allowing participants to gain experience with a top-tier carrier-grade Softswitch while minimizing financial risk.
Applications for the MediaCore Grant program will be accepted here for a limited period.

VoIP  and SMS companies have a window of time to reevaluate their cost structure, accelerate strategic initiatives, and emerge from this inflationary phase even stronger.

The moment to take action is now!


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